Clarifying Shampoos

Ensure maximum performance when used before Calyx Keratin Treatement. Washes Away minerals, Chlorine and water deposits to revitalise dull hair and create the best hair condition for Calyx Keratin Treatment. Ideal for periodic deep cleansing on all hair types.

Keratin Treatment

Contains various amino acids ingredients to rejuvenate dull, tangled and dry hair. This special formula nourishes your hair naturally through the use of heat and penetrates it from root to tip. Leaving hair smooth and silky. Maintains moisture and PH. Quickly repair appearance of various type of damage. Leaving hair looking conditioned and healthy, contributes to radiant silky and beautifully flowing hair.

Silk Touch Shampoo

Calyx Silk Touch Shampoo is exclusively designed for Calyx Keratin Treatement and daily use. It is made from natural fruit extracts which maintains the natural PH balance of the hair. It's non-toxic and safe to use daily. Calyx Silk Touch Shampoo ensures to keep the results of the treatment long lasting. Leaves hair strong, Healthy, Silky and manageable.

Silk Touch Conditioner

A fruit rich in antioxidants to revitalise hair and deliver super conditioning and prismatic shine to the hair after Calyx Keratin Treatement. Ideal for making hair clean, healthy and full of body. Ensure to keep long-lasting treatment result!

Silk Touch Hair Mask

Calyx Repair Mask is formulated with a unique blend of nutrients and proteins that aid in repairing, rejuvenating and rebuilding keratin bonds in your hair, helping hair maintain its straight appearance. It will leave hair hydrated and nourished for improved elasticity and softness.

Silk Touch Serum

Revival Serum is a dual-action heat protector and weightless moisturizer. This serum creates a protective barrier around the hair cuticle and helps to prevent damage caused by sun exposure, chemical treatment, bleaching , blow, drying and other heat sources.